At Tier 1, our focus has always been on representing our clients to the fullest and providing top of the line professional services. Over our 35 years, we have provided professional services for hundreds of elite players and coaches. A small sample of the clients we provide professional services for includes:


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  • OC AQ Shipley

    OC AQ Shipley

    Arizona Cardinals 
    7th Round Pick

  • Al Golden

    Al Golden

    Detroit Lions
    Tight Ends Coach

  • Tom Bradley

    Tom Bradley

    Defensive Coordinator

  • Sam Mills

    Sam Mills

    Carolina Panthers
    Defensive Line Coach

  • DE Ian Seau

    DE Ian Seau

    Buffalo Bills

  • OG Dillon Farrell

    OG Dillon Farrell

    New York Giants

  • Terry Smith

    Terry Smith

    Penn State
    Cornerbacks Coach

  • Michael Zordich Sr.

    Michael Zordich Sr.

    University of Michigan
    Safeties Coach

  • James Campan

    James Campan

    Green Bay Packers
    Offensive Line Coach

  • DB Josh Mitchell

    DB Josh Mitchell

    Toronto Argonauts (CFL)

  • Clyde Simmons

    Clyde Simmons

    Cleveland Browns
    Defensive Line Coach

  • OT Jake Silas

    OT Jake Silas

    Ottawa Redblacks (CFL)

  • Peter Giunta

    Peter Giunta

    New Orleans Saints
    Senior Defensive Assistant

  • FB Michael Zordich Jr.

    FB Michael Zordich Jr.

    Carolina Panthers

  • LB Nick DiMarco

    LB Nick DiMarco

    Baltimore Ravens

  • Matt Millen

    Matt Millen

    ESPN Analyst
    Former GM, Detroit Lions

  • Mike Lombardi

    Mike Lombardi

    New England Patriots
    Coaching Staff Assistant

  • LB Frank Chamberlin

    LB Frank Chamberlin

    Tennessee Titans
    5th Round Pick

  • Mike Farrell

    Mike Farrell

    Strength & Conditioning

  • LB Sam Mills

    LB Sam Mills

    LB, Carolina Panthers,
    12 NFL Seasons, 4 Pro Bowls

  • LB Brandon Short

    LB Brandon Short

    LB, 4th Round Pick, NY Giants, 7 NFL Seasons

  • WR Bobby Engram

    WR Bobby Engram

    WR, 2nd Round Pick, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, 15 NFL Seasons

  • LB Jim Nelson

    LB Jim Nelson

    Indianapolis Colts

  • RB DJ Dozier

    RB DJ Dozier

    1st round pick, Minnesota Vikings, 5 NFL seasons

  • LB Shane Conlan

    LB Shane Conlan

    1st Round Pick, Buffalo Bills, 9 NFL seasons

  • LB Rickey Jackson

    LB Rickey Jackson

    2nd Round Pick, New Orleans Saints, 14 NFL seasons

  • OT Stan Brock

    OT Stan Brock

    1st Round Pick, New Orleans Saints, 15 NFL seasons

  • DT Tim Johnson

    DT Tim Johnson

    6th Round Pick, Washington Redskins, 9 NFL seasons

  • WR Michael Timpson

    WR Michael Timpson

    4th Round Pick, New England Patriots, 8 NFL seasons

  • DT Bruce Clark

    DT Bruce Clark

    1st Round Pick, Green Bay Packers, 8 NFL seasons